What is Mulch?

Mulch is, by definition, more substantial than pulp. We aim for a literary quality in what we choose to publish.
Mulch is a way to explore the new Midwest through speculative fiction (READ: SCIENCE FICTION).
Mulch is the new canon of gods and mythical beasts from the Midwest. Your creations will be canonized in an index online, for others to draw from so that we can create a complex and intertwining world curated by the Mulch Editors.
Mulch encourages everyone (not just Midwestern writers) to explore what it means to be in or from the Midwest. The geography of the Midwest is forever changing, we encourage our authors to explore the new dimensions of our mercurial cartography.
We want your fiction, and flash-fiction, as well as your poetry, photography, and art.

We encourage our authors to ground their stories in factual aspects of the Midwest all while turning what we think we know about this region on its head.

We want you to explore, create, and raze small town mentality.

What is small town diaspora?

What is the big city?

Who inhabits the broken down barns, the lonely highways, or the shadows of Thomas Jefferson’s new Eden?

What lives beneath the waves of Lake Michigan, whose skiff glides through the waters of the Wabash?

Why does it take so long to cross a single corn field?

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